You just knew it was coming once two hot young bikini girls started to fight and wrestle, right? Off comes the bikini tops and they go straight for the tits and nipples! CHOMP! Damn, that's got to hurt! And those poor little pink nipples! Getting pulling and yanked like a couple of door knobs! Sometimes girls can be SO mean to each other - and I like to watch!

Bite that tit, baby!

Tit Biting And Nipple Yanking!

I love watching a bikini girl fight because I know eventually it's going to get down to some nasty tit biting and nipple yanking fun. As soon as they get done pulling each other's hair out, one usually rips the other girl's top off and goes for the tits like a beaver after a tree! And they REALLY do bite hard! Once these little beach lolitas get pissed off, all modesty goes right out the fucking window and it gets WAY crazy when they start fighting. Of course seeing two girls yanking each other's tits and screaming like banshees is shit hot entertainment for me, so pass the popcorn and let's sit back and watch the little ladies take it to the next level! Where's my camera, dammit!

A Hot Tit Biting And Nipple Yanking Catfight Battle!

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